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Beyond Caring

Beyond Caring is a very real, very popular play premiered by Lookingglass Theatre Company in 2017. Their event information is used here with their permission and all images, photos, and copy are © Lookingglass Theatre Company. All Rights Reserved. Visit their Venture Platform powered website at

Unseen. Unheard. Unknown.

At the margins of society, on the knife-edge of survival, they work for low wages, in harsh conditions. No safety net. No insurance or protections. No guarantee of work tomorrow.

This critically-acclaimed piece, most recently produced at the UK’s National Theatre, is re-imagined for Chicago by writer/director Alexander Zeldin. In association with Dark Harbor Stories, a company led by Ensemble Member David Schwimmer and Tom Hodges, this play is a gritty portrait of those who cling precariously to the bottom rung of the ladder. Full of life, humor, and tenderness, it sheds light on America’s shadow economy and shines an unflinching spotlight on the incendiary intersection of race and class.